Cryogenesis: new fine art photo series

25 Jun 2016 | Categories: blog | Posted by: Peti Morgan

I’m really pleased to share with you a new fine art photo series I have been working on over summer: Cryogenesis – life from the ice

Cryogenesis VI by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis VI

Cryogenesis V by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis V

Cryogenesis IV by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis IV

Cryogenesis III by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis III

Cryogenesis I by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis I

Cryogenesis II by Peti Morgan

Cryogenesis II

The set of 6 photographs are currently on exhibit at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington, as part of the exhibition: Environment – Conservation + Celebration. The exhibition – curated by Simon Woolf and Julie Nevett – helps our American friends celebrate 100 years of the U.S. National Park Service. It showcases a stunning collection of works by local photographers – our parks, reserves and environment, and Wellington’s natural heritage and conservation efforts. Part of the Gallery also features photographs of the American National Parks – historic photos by well-known NZ artists, as well as modern works by prominent US photographers.

That’s the official spiel.  But let me tell you a few more pretty cool things about the exhibition…

It features an Ansel Adams

Not only was Ansel Adams a legendary photographer of the American landscape but he was also an environmentalist and an advocate for the national parks. So it seems entirely appropriate that his work should grace the walls.  (And I can now say that I have exhibited alongside Ansel Adams! Who gets to say that!)  I won’t spoil it for you by telling you which work – but it is instantly recognisable.

The Obamas are on display

To quote Simon Woolf at the exhibition opening: “[Ambassador] Mark Gilbert and I have done what John Key failed to do: we brought the Obamas to Wellington”. And so they did! Pete Souza – official Whitehouse photographer – has produced more than 2 million (!) photographs of President Obama in the time he has been in office, and has kindly contributed some images for the exhibition and they are larger than life.

A veritable host of well known and emerging photographers

There’s quite an incredible mix of both well known and emerging photographers who have contributed to this exhibition.  I’m proud to be amongst company such as Mark Gee, Rob Wilson, Paul Rondel, Mary Livingston, Werner Kaffl, Simon Woolf, (the late) Ronald Woolf, Ian Wilkinson and Graham Stewart – but there are many more notable names and others like myself who have been flying quietly under the radar.

If you like feasting your eyes on eye-wateringly good photography then this is a feast you can’t miss.

The exhibition runs until 24 July 2016 at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, on the Wellington waterfront (next to TSB Arena). They are open daily from 10am-5pm and entry is free. Some works are for sale.

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