Photography portfolio

This is my portfolio of fine art photographic works. I’m proud to say I’m an award winning fine art photographer. I think my portfolio reflects a love of nature, and my introspective view of the world.  I seek to share my connection with nature, in my work.

I’m a member of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) and in 2014 I was made a Licentiate of the PSNZ. A Licentiateship is awarded for “proficiency of a high order in practical photography”, and reflects my dedication to the craft, and it means I can sign off Peti Morgan, LPSNZ if I like!

I have exhibited my work – most recently at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, and I’ve received recognition in New Zealand photography salons.

I’m very proud of my photographic portfolio and will continue my love affair with the art of photography until I can no longer see ♥︎

From the Cryogenesis series

From the Pneuma Series

From the Tiny Landscapes series

Landscapes photographic portfolio

From the Fauna series

Urban photographic portfolio

Flora photographic portfolio

Abstract photographic portfolio

Panoramic photographic portfolio