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Your Perfect Morning Routine

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Hello leveraged mamas! When I started thinking about creating an additional source of income for my family, I was still in survival mode.

Back at work and with a young, energetic toddler, some days just happened by default. My morning routine covered the bare necessities of getting us up and out of the house for the day and no more.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Actually:

Where there’s a WHY, there’s a way

My Why is having complete flexibility over my time by the time my little one is 3, so that once we’re subject to school holidays, I can take that time off without totally killing us financially.

So it’s a strong Why with an immovable deadline! I currently work part time in my professional role as an Agile coach, with an awesome employer who is very family friendly. Yet 12 weeks school holidays does not equal 4 weeks annual leave, and we are going to have that miscalculation to deal with for quite a few years yet!

But let’s come back to that morning routine and why it’s been a milestone for me.

From survival mode to starting a business

Getting out of survival mode was intentional and purposeful. I knew I had to make a change to be able to get the most of out my days. After all , I couldn’t MAKE time, but in order to start my own business I would need a lot of it.

The first step I’ve taken towards creating a leveraged income stream is a big one.

It was all about snapping me out of the zombie-mum phase I was in, and starting my day with purpose and intent – it was simply about claiming back my mornings.

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Claiming back my mornings

I went from being a total zombie in the morning with no sense of up or down, to having a huge sense of purpose and direction in just a few months.

One of the biggest things that has contributed to this change has been changing up my morning routine. Focusing on making some targeted changes here has brought me a lot closer to being able to start generating leveraged income.

When you think about it there’s a lot of power in owning your morning, when so much of the rest of your day is about serving others.

When it feels like everyone else needs something from you for the rest of the day, claiming your morning for yourself can be quite a powerful thing.

Verbal reassurance, the life saver

My baby didn’t consistently sleep through the night until she was about 18 months old, when we started using verbal reassurance to help her learn to get herself back to sleep.

This was life changing!

But it still took a few months before we could switch off and actually sleep through the night ourselves without being constantly alert to baby noises, and wondering “when will we wake tonight?”

So prior to this my morning routine was pretty much – my husband would bring my daughter into the bed (if she wasn’t there already), I would breastfeed her, then kind of zombie-walk my way through the morning to get us ready for work.

During that time my morning routine was a bit reversed in that I did a heap of prep the night before – like getting our lunches and clothes ready so that if we had a shocking night’s sleep I wouldn’t forget anything in my sleep deprived state.

But once I felt I could trust that I was going to get a full night’s sleep, things started getting a little more predictable in the morning.

Dropping the morning breastfeed

The real change came when I dropped the morning breastfeed and substituted Dad with a bottle of milk.

It took about 3 weeks for her to adjust, but my daughter stopped waking desperate to see me – magically her 5am wake ups stopped haha, and she started sleeping right through til 6am consistently!

Finally, now that she was confidently and happily putting herself back to sleep in the night, and not waking pining for me, she was able to sleep for almost 12 hours a night.

This was incredible for me and allowed me to start paying back the huge sleep debt I’d accrued the previous 18 months (probably 2 years if you count the shitty sleeps I had while pregnant).

Predictability means more psychological safety

Once I felt some safety around my morning I started claiming it back, and introducing new helpful habits to help move me closer to where I wanted to be.

Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.Mahatma Gandhi

As part of reconnecting with my Why and getting my own life and goals back on track, I used some creative visualisation techniques to see what my ideal future looked like, and through this I looked carefully at my morning routine and it was um, quite a bit different than what I was currently doing haha.

So I’ve been changing it up incrementally since and it’s made a HUGE difference to my life.

When I’m in control of my mornings and I have a great start to my day it’s life changing! It all starts with the morning – literally and metaphorically.

I wake at 4.30/5am now as I know I have until about 6am before baby is awake, and I can get a few important things done that will really set me up for the day.

The goal writing habit

One of the biggest changes I’ve made to my morning routine – asides from getting up at a ridiculous hour (trust me, you get used to it, and when you’re waking to an alarm again at a time of your choosing that’s much much preferably to waking at 11pm or 2am or 4am to a distressed baby – it is NOT difficult when you’ve been through this).

But one of the biggest changes I made was to start writing my goals down in the morning.

This has been incredibly life changing for me and I’m actually writing this blog post at 5.30am on a Sunday morning in the dark while hubby sleeps beside me, because of the fact that I’m usually awake and writing my goals down at this time haha.

My bodyclock doesn’t care about Sunday mornings.

That’s not the only reason I’m awake – I had this blog post sitting in my head waiting to be written when I woke.

Sending a request to your subconscious

At night I use the goals I’ve written that morning as what’s called afformations – I turn them into questions at night and let my subconscious work out how I’m going to achieve them – haha lazy I know, I’ve got heaps of tricks like that up my sleeve for doing the least amount of work possible for the highest returns, that’s what this blog should really be about: the lazy mum’s guide to an epic life haha.

So I’ve been writing a mini course on how to do this kinda lazy goal setting technique, but I’ve gone deep down a writing rabbit hole and consequently haven’t posted in over A MONTH!

This is totally against the principles I have for myself about this blog, and so one of my goals – one of the goals I’ve been writing down is around getting valuable content out to my audience regularly.

So the effect of posing this goal as a question to my subconscious just the past few nights – that’s all it has taken, just a couple of nights – has been that I’ve abandoned that mini course (for now!) and instead I’m going to help you own your mornings and create a kick ass morning routine for yourselves instead.

How can I help you?

I have also been asking my subconscious how I help people, who I help and how I help.

The answer my subconscious gave to me was – for now just help these mums – mums like me – get their own mornings working for themselves, to begin with.

Just a small hand up for now. And help them by showing them exactly what you did for yourself.

So ladies that’s what I’m going to do.

If you’re feeling ready to start introducing some new habits – habits that will help you make some progress towards your goals and ideal future – I think I can help with this by showing you how I’ve done it myself.

Your ultimate goals might be similar to mine in that you want a more flexible lifestyle so you can spend more time with your kids, without being crippled financially, or it might be that you’re working your way towards something else that serves you and helps make your life more awesome as a mum.

Your Perfect Morning Routine

So I’m going to take a small piece of that mini course and serve it up to you now, to help you get your mornings working for you, setting you up for your day, but also setting you up – ultimately – to be able to introduce a leveraged income stream further down the track, so that you can get maximum returns for the least amount of effort possible (that seems to be a theme here!).

But as I said, even if you don’t have any intention of introducing a leveraged income stream – maybe you have other goals – that’s fine. I believe that helping you to get your mornings working for you will benefit you in other areas of your life regardless.

So with that wonderfully ad hoc blurb I now offer you up this creative technique that has helped me immeasurably!

It’s helped me get some ownership back over my mornings after many months of living in an unpredictable hot mess (that is motherhood).

Why a routine?

Well simply if you want to introduce new habits, deciding ahead of time (setting a routine) takes decision making out of the picture – something we don’t want to be dithering over at dawn.

Why small incremental changes?

Well if you’re like me and your “perfect” morning routine is waaaaay different to where you are starting from, well that’s kind of intimidating!

When we start or stop doing anything we do every day we’re changing our habits. And new habits take 21-30 days to form properly – we need to give them time to become part of our lives.

I think we set ourselves up to fail by taking on too many new changes at once, so making small, incremental changes makes it easier to implement into our busy lives.

Download Your Perfect Morning Routine. Change your life one morning at a time.

So download this worksheet and see what you think – it’s free, and it’s a fun, creative way to discover if there’s a morning routine that will serve you better than the one you have today.

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Download the guide

Enter your details to receive your FREE step by step guide for redesigning your morning routine.

Your Perfect Morning Routine also includes beautiful worksheets and a guided visualisation audio to give you some major inspiration about what's possible.

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