Visit the wisest person you know

Imagine you have access to the wisest person you know – someone who knows all the answers to your trickiest questions.

You can visit this person anytime you want.

You can ask this person anything you want.

They can answer all of your questions, because they’ve done everything you have always wanted to.

They have achieved everything YOU have ever want to achieve. All of the goals you’ve set – from the biggest, most audacious, to the smallest, most incidental.

This person, is the bravest, boldest, most courageous, most tenacious person you know.

How good would that be?

For any mountain you need to climb, they’ve already climbed it – when you need encouragement just to take that first step, they are there “come on, I’ve already done it – it’s possible!

Look I did it!”

When the mountain gets treacherous and you feel like quitting, they can encourage you “look how incredible it is up here – you’re halfway here, don’t stop!”

They can show you what it’s like to have achieved the very goals you have set for yourself – but even bigger than you imagined.

If you had access to this person, any time you wanted, can you think of any reason you wouldn’t want to visit them?

You know who this person is, right?

It’s you.

Photograph of an old woman's hands clasped in her lap saying "The wisest person you know is you".

Introducing your future self

Anytime I feel really stuck on something, perhaps I’ve got a big goal and I really have no idea how I’me going to achieve it, or I’m coming up against obstacles that I just don’t have a clue how to get past: I call up the wisest person I know: my future self.

Whenever I’ve been not so sure about the direction I’m taking in life, or I want to see the impact of my decisions: I call up my future self.

When i say I call up my future self I don’t actually get on the phone haha – well you could do this, but I have a more enjoyable way of visiting them: visualisation.

Depending on the issue I’m chewing on or the question I’m pondering, I visit different versions of my future self.

Here’s how you can choose which version of yourself you’ll visit, and how to do that.

First – choose which future self to visit

The 80 year old

Your 80 year old future self can help you understand pretty quickly, if the decisions you’re making now are helping you get towards the future you truly desire.

When you visit your 80 year old self, watch her for a while before you talk to her.

See how she lives, where she lives, what and who she is surrounded by, how she moves, what she looks like, what she does to pass time.

Then look around at the possessions she has, the people she calls (or holograms, who knows what you’ll be doing in the future!).

Once you’ve soaked up her surroundings, get an audience with your future self.

Sit down and ask her how she got here – what are the things she focused on, to get to she is.

What was important?

What wasn’t?

Will she leave a legacy?

Is what you’re doing in the current day important? Is there something else that you could be focusing on?

Ask her what she thinks about a decision you’ve made, or a path you are taking.

Listen to what she has to tell you – this wise old person can really help you reflect on your current behaviours and decide whether to stop, change or continue them.

The Retiree

Your newly retired self has just stopped working – how old is she?

What has she achieved?

Has she built an empire?

Did she make an impact with her work?

What did she change, or leave behind?

How comfortably is she financially. Why?

The retiree has worked hard to get where she is, and she can give you an early heads up on the choices you are making now – what impact will they make on your retirement?

In 10-15 years

The future self you visit in 10-15 years is closer, but there is enough time between now and then for you to have made some significant changes, or HUGE achievements.

She can help you look quite closely at a specific goal you’re working on, or life choice you’ve made: should you do it at all? If so, what form should it take?

In 5 years

This future self is a lot closer to you and the impact of your life choices may seem a bit more real.

In 5 years time you will start to see one really key metric: the cost of your inaction.

If you want brutal honesty, visit your future self in 5 years time.

In 90 days

If you visit your future self in 90 days, you can see the impact or shorter term goals.

This version of your future self can be your biggest cheer leader!

“Look at the change you made to your life in such a short time!”

You can visit your future self at any time in the future! These are just some suggestions to give yourself some ideas.

You are visiting a wiser version of yourself, so ask them anything, and truly listen as you may be surprised with what they say.

How to visualise a visit to your future self – the wisest person you know

You don’t need to do anything fancy in order to visit your future self – just find some time to yourself in a quiet room (or pop in some headphones with ambient sounds).

Close your eyes and voila – you’re there.

You can visit your future self for advice ANY TIME you want – the wisest version of yourself is available on tap to you, use the opportunity!

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